David Coury
Alternative Speech Therapy

Howard Fine
Acting Coach

“David Coury is one of the most naturally gifted teachers I have ever seen. His direct, no nonsense approach cuts right to the core of the artists vocal issues. He has solid command of technique and is able to get immediate and extraordinary results. David's work is nothing short of life changing.”

Leona Lewis
Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling artist

“David is amazing.”

Brian Kennedy
Grammy Award-winning Producer (Rhianna's "Disturbia," Jennifer Hudson)

“David Coury teaches perfection and excellence!”

Mark Nardone
Music Connection Magazine

“Closed Session with David Coury is probably the most entertaining, enlightening evening I've spent in a while... Coury's approach was as consistent as the result was remarkable.”

Kevin Black
Chief Operating Officer of Global Music Group

“David Coury is the best in the business.”

Charlie Judge
Producer/Arranger (Rascal Flats, Faith Hill)

“I had the good fortune to work side by side with David Coury. I found it truly inspiring. He had an uncanny ability to connect with and very quickly get amazing results from performers. It is magical to see the smiles on the faces of those performers as they improve on the spot, achieving things they didn't know they could do. Do yourself a favor – make David Coury part of your team. Your career will thank you!”

Cheryl Richardson
#1 New York Times bestselling author

“We love David! He’s a gifted Mover & Shaker with a wealth of experience helping people to transform their lives. Working with the power of voice, David takes his audiences on a passionate journey to find their authentic power and we’re so excited to see what happens as we unleash him on Hay House listeners!”

Joey Paul Jensen, C.S.A.

“David Coury is a spiritual, vocal genius. He has changed the lives of so many, young and mature. He has a special gift where he can touch the spirit of a person’s voice and help transcend it to its greatest ability. This comes from David’s passion and strength.”

Diamond Dallas Page

Three time World Champion

“Over the years of screaming at my opponents in the world of Professional Wrestler my voice began to have a lot of gravel in it. Outside of the ring it was hard for people to hear me when I wasn't yelling. As an actor and inspirational speaker my voice is the most important instrument I have. David Coury helped find my voice again and take it to another level. He helped me go places with my voice that I did not think was possible and I think anything is possible.

When I speak to High School kids I teach them about goal setting. I teach them DDP's fast track to setting goals: Find something that you love to do ... and get someone to pay you to do it. Well, if there is a poster boy for that statement it would be David Coury. I have never met anyone more passionate about what he does than David and he will get you passionate, too. He will make you believe that you can do and sing anything ... and YOU WILL! I've seen him take students who thought they had no voice ... they were crying and I'm not kidding CRYING ... I can't do it ... I can't sing it ... SCARED TO DEATH to get up and try to sing ... within weeks these same students were jumping up and dying to sing their hearts out. It's something you have to experience to understand and I suggest you do.

I would recommend David to anyone and everyone and I do...”

Stuart O’Keeffe

Spokesperson - Tupppware; Chef - Private Chefs of Beverly Hills - Food Network

“Since I have been going to see David Coury, I have gained so much confidence with public speaking. When I am in a private session with him all my fears are washed away that were once there.”

Chelsea Kane

Actor, JONAS TV Series

“I grew up singing in musical theater, but have always been very self-conscious and “tight” when it came to any kind of featured solo work. David has a fun and creative approach that is encouraging and non-judgmental. He puts me at ease and helps me “get out of my head” – providing me with the confidence and vocal tools I need to go out there and get the job done!”

Andrew Lane

Drew Right Music/Silent Chaos

“I have never experienced a vocal producer that got the energy and yet made the artist feel empowered at the same time and paid attention to the finest detail. It was a great experience working with him.”

Cynthia Bain

Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio

“David Coury is a fantastic vocal coach. I recommend him wholeheartedly to all my young actors. He has a remarkable ability to draw out the best in a student, while uplifting and inspiring them at the same time. Working with David will transform your life - and you'll never say your name the same way again!”

Art Ford

Music Licensor

“State-of-the-art vocal coaching - the best in the business and you a beautiful person.”

Nancy Alspaugh

“David Coury changed my life. He was the catalyst in my coming out from the shadow of my limitations and enabling me to see what dreams I truly desired to achieve. He helped me find my own voice, not the voice that my society or family and friends thought I should have, but the one that I already owned. Thank you, David, for helping me uncover my unique purpose, or “dharma” in this world.”

Thea Gill


“What could someone say about David Coury that hasn’t already been said? Kind, creative, generous? That only scratches the surface of this truly amazing man.

I was happy yet nervous when I was first accepted into David’s class. My fears were put to rest after the first lesson. He is a wizard. He passed along his secret tools to successfully open my voice and take my gift to higher levels I never thought possible.

His psychological approach is that of a spiritual nature not only to the voice but to the soul and heart as well. David is not only a vocal coach, but also a living, breathing performer’s guide to perfecting one’s stage performance. It is true what they say: When you come out of a David Coury class you start working! I am truly thrilled and honored to be his student.”

Sarah Karges

“David Coury is a game changer for TV hosts. His Singing For Actors program helped me become more grounded while improvising, increased my vocal stamina and taught me how to see more possibilities in the copy. While taking this class I booked 2 shows! David Coury is unlike any other teacher and his class is unlike any other class out there. He can get anyone to open up and realize their full potential.”

Salemah Gabriel

“As a professional dancer, having a voice isn’t very crucial to my career. David Coury showed me that I used that as an excuse to not have a voice. Through his singing and speaking tools, he offered me the rare opportunity to explore key chapters of my life and then taught me how to write my personal story and then communicate it with freedom in public. And in that moment of sharing my story, myself, I was blessed with self-awareness. I have a voice now. Thank you David Coury for never giving up on me and, most importantly, for having so much passion for the human connection.”

Eric Mark

“As a strategy-consulting partner with a Wharton MBA, I have taken (and delivered) numerous presentation-skills classes over the years. While many were worthwhile, none have even approached David Coury’s Singing For Actors program in improving my delivery, my presence, and my confidence as a frequent public speaker. The genuine emotion that now underpins my words and messages is both heartfelt and affecting, and for that I am truly indebted to David.”

Emily Hahn
Actor, Toy Story 3

“When I sing with David it makes me very happy and it makes me feel like I’m walking on air. He makes it easy. I have a craving to sing now. He’s unlocked the ability to be in the music not just listen to it. David attaches the voice to the person. He has opened a path for me to a different world.”

Jean-Louis Rodrigue
Alexander Technique Expert

“I’ve had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with David Coury, teaching at the Howard Fine Acting Studio, and presenting our master class: Body Voice and Soul. David is a gifted teacher with an extraordinary sensitivity to performing artists. He has broken new grounds in teaching voice for actors; he has a deep appreciation and an understanding of the vocal problems encountered in performing. David provides a supportive and positive learning experience, and the results of his teaching are often transformative. As the obstacles disappear, the expressiveness and clarity of the voice increases. Congratulations David on your ten year anniversary!”

Tisha Campbell-Martin

“David Coury is no vocal coach…he’s a Vocal Magician!! I have been working with David for many years now and I have found him to be a master at voice placement. He takes your unique sound and enhances it with solid vocal techniques. David will also reformulate consonants, vowels and phrasing to fit not only my personal style but also to enhance my range and tone. If you were born with a gift, David Coury wraps it up in a nice, pretty bow!”

Ariel Winter

“Working with David Coury is an amazing vocal adventure. I am always more than excited to see what technique he has in store for me next. He is a supportive, spectacular voice teacher that hits all the right notes. On the ABC comedy Modern Family, there are a lot of instances where musical influence is needed, and David Coury has me prepared for everything. He is amazing and I am so honored to be working with him.”

Dr. Annie Reiner

“Speaking as a singer, David Coury helped to enrich my voice tremendously. Speaking as a psychoanalyst, I know he understands the emotional process of how a person develops artistically. In his workshops one experiences his masterful ability to help people bring out the true self.”

Howard Bragman
PR expert

“When it comes to matters of the mouth, David Coury is the great enabler. He makes the worst voices acceptable; decent voices downright good; and truly good voices sing like angels. He is a miracle worker.”

Carla Gugino

“Working with David Coury is a wonderful experience. He is exceptionally skilled and has great generosity of spirit. He creates an environment in which you can really improve while retaining that ever important sense of play.”

Riki Lindhome

“David Coury saved my voice. I was struggling with nodules and he taught me a new way of singing and speaking that helped my voice heal. Now my voice is stronger than it's ever been and that's thanks to David.”

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