Entertainment Professionals

Vocal training, like physical fitness, is an ongoing process. It’s paramount for professionals in today’s high-tech, high-stakes, multi-medium entertainment world. To remain in the spotlight, or grab it, the professional’s voice must compel millions.

Through his revolutionary vocal techniques, David Coury can teach you just that – how to compel millions with your voice.

In the entertainment industry, DC’s coaching continues to transcend any one medium. It’s no surprise that his clients
are extremely successful. Access Hollywood Host Billy Bush works hard to remain in the spotlight. Preparing Billy for the
launch of his radio show, The Billy Bush Show, David structured a program with new techniques for him to achieve maximum results and rely on his voice daily.

Through his customized vocal exercises, David trained international singing sensation Leona Lewisand taught her how to grab that spotlight and keep it.

Whatever area you work in, or aspire to, your voice can seal the deal. As David says, “the voice is not separate from the person speaking and singing, it IS the person.”