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“Working with your voice can dramatically transform all areas of your life, from your relationship with yourself and others to the impact you have on the world. Your voice is one of the main ways you convey who you are; it carries what you feel and think on the inside to the outside world. If you want to develop more confidence, exude more leadership, and even break free of anger, your voice is the place to start.”

David Coury is an international voice and communication expert and teacher who has a deep and driving passion for all aspects of the human voice. He is an unstoppable champion in his mission to provide tools for individuals to unlock and express their unique and authentic voice.

David works with people from all walks of life; from leading industry professionals that include; Top 40 recording artists, management consultants, consumer products executives, actors, broadcasters, housewives and those in need of specialized programs for speech disorders. His proprietary voice and presentation method has transformed the lives of many, from his corporate clients to his celebrity clients and everyone in between. They have been transformed into powerful and engaging professionals with a stronger sense of their ability to powerfully communicate their message with complete confidence in their potent vocal capabilities. This has helped them to excel remarkably in their fields. The voices of Deloitte, Avery Dennison, Billy Bush, Ashley Tisdale, Leona Lewis, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Hahn (Toy Story 3 “Bonnie”), Carla Gugino and Mariette Hartley are as distinct as their teacher David Coury – the man and the method.

An industry thought leader, David has served as a Voice Analyst on FOX News Channel, Access Hollywood, Court TV and K-Earth 101. He is an advisor to major corporations and professional services firms and is the Voice Director of the Howard Fine Acting Studio where he teaches his acclaimed empowerment program, “Singing For Actors”.

Recently named a “Mover & Shaker” by leading self-help and transformational publisher Hay House, David’s unique method of combining the physical voice with the metaphysical voice is helping so many make a greater impact in their lives and the world at large. Of his many television appearances, David still cites the episode on ABC’s original Extreme Makeover that featured his staggering transformation of a young rapper with a severe cleft-palate as one of his most memorable experiences. “Everyone – no matter what their field or background – everyone wants to make a difference, everyone wants to feel confident,” says David. “The voice, ultimately, can and will reflect who-you-really-are.”

David holds a B.A. in Communications and Theatre from Rhode Island College and is the recipient of the Musicians Institute’s “Heal L.A. Through Music” award.

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This training is appropriate and applicable to anyone with a voice! No previous singing experience is necessary, and actors who have sung in the past will find the program to be indispensable for both the development of the voice and honing the impulse to create sound.


SFA Level One: “Organ of the Soul” Los Angeles – Dec. 4-6, 2015

This very vocal 3-day intensive is based in the development and maintenance of the actor’s voice with a strong emphasis on personal creativity and how that creativity serves as the incentive for impulse.

The actor’s application and exploration of custom vocal exercises and musical assignments will enable the voice to handle impulse. Assigned material will reflect each actor’s desire for his/her voice. During this course, the actor’s vocal transformation will include singing a challenging song and make a challenging script ‘sing’.

This exciting class focuses on helping students tackle vocal challenges, discover the shared experience of the transformational power of music, find his/her true voice and, most importantly, gaining the tools to keep the true voice alive.

The is a 3-day intensive class that meets from 9am to 6pm over a 3 day period. You must be able to attend all 3 days of the workshop to participate.

Please note: Participants will be expected to complete (outside of the course contact hours) several hours of homework each session.

$500 for Studio Members

$550 for Non-Members

Friday, December 4 – 9am – 6pm
Saturday, December 5 – 9am – 6pm
Sunday, December 6 – 9am – 6pm


Please find all day parking. Most immediate parking is 2 hours only. You will not be given breaks to move your car of feed a meter every 2 hours. All day parking is available on residential streets east of LaBrea Ave. There is a public parking lot located at on the northwest corner of La Brea and 2nd that offers $12.00 all day parking. Please allow plenty of time to find adequate parking to arrive at the studio prior to 9am.