Legal Presentation


A jury will pick up vocal and physical cues in a heartbeat and make an instant judgment as to the voracityof the speaker. David says, “the courtroom is real life, everyone is always trying to make their case.”We all make instant judgments on what people say and, most importantly, how they say it.

“The courtroom is real life, everyone is always trying to make their case.”
With shifts in voice, language and body your case can be won. By identifying what the shifts should be, both subtle and extreme, David has been helping law firms win cases since he first started appearing as Court TV’s Voice Analyst in 2001. During that time he coined the term Vocal Autopsy™ with his definition being “the analysis of the sounds and/or language produced by the vocal organs in relation to time and circumstance.” Understanding time and circumstance and how the voice is related is key to David’s communication training of attorneys and preparation of witnesses.

David says “the human voice is not separate from the person speaking, it IS the person speaking.”

For attorneys and witnesses alike, it is the acknowledgment, personalization and, ultimately, the vocalization of this premise that brings big results.