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“Working with your voice can dramatically transform all areas of your life, from your relationship with yourself and others to the impact you have on the world. Your voice is one of the main ways you convey who you are; it carries what you feel and think on the inside to the outside world. If you want to develop more confidence, exude more leadership, and even break free of anger, your voice is the place to start.”

David Coury is an international voice and communication expert and teacher who has a deep and driving passion for all aspects of the human voice. He is an unstoppable champion in his mission to provide tools for individuals to unlock and express their unique and authentic voice.

David works with people from all walks of life; from leading industry professionals that include; Top 40 recording artists, management consultants, consumer products executives, actors, broadcasters, housewives and those in need of specialized programs for speech disorders. His proprietary voice and presentation method has transformed the lives of many, from his corporate clients to his celebrity clients and everyone in between. They have been transformed into powerful and engaging professionals with a stronger sense of their ability to powerfully communicate their message with complete confidence in their potent vocal capabilities. This has helped them to excel remarkably in their fields. The voices of Deloitte, Avery Dennison, Billy Bush, Ashley Tisdale, Leona Lewis, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Hahn (Toy Story 3 “Bonnie”), Carla Gugino and Mariette Hartley are as distinct as their teacher David Coury – the man and the method.


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SFA Pop-Up Workshop – March 26, 2016

SFA Pop-Up Workshop!

Howard Fine Acting Studio – (323) 965-1488

Making Your Words Sing: Applying SFA Principles to Scene Work

You will be handed a scene upon arrival of class and, through a series of SFA exercises, learn how to find immediate connection to the words by 1) Recognizing yourself on the page, 2) Making the words “your words”, 3) Grabbing the words from your gut, and 4) Identifying hot, creative sources.

When all is said and sung, and done, you, the actor, will have had a great workout in keeping your SFA skills sharp!

Prerequisite: SFA Level 1

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